Welcome to the home of ArchSec.

ArchSec is the Architectural Security Tool Suite that automates Microsoft’s Threat Modeling and makes architectural risk analysis more user-friendly. Therefore, it supports three key features:

Reverse engineering pictogram.

Reverse Engineering

ArchSec uses static analysis to (semi-) automatically extended dataflow diagrams of existing software systems, making it easier to start architectural risk analysis for existing systems. Furthermore, the extracted extended dataflow diagram reflects the actual system, and there is no gap between the planned architecture and the implemented one.

Exemplary dataflow diagram depiction.

Dataflow Diagrams

ArchSec employs more formal dataflow diagrams for representing architectural views of software systems. The core of these extended dataflow diagrams is its extensible schema, allowing them to define new node and edge types and specify implied attributes of such types.

Security flaw pictogram.

Security Flaws

ArchSec collects formalised threat descriptions in a knowledge base and automatically detects these threats in extended dataflow diagrams. The knowledge base allows non-security experts to use architectural risk analysis. Still, it offers advantages for security experts since not all security experts know all aspects of security equally well.